#AGELOCKER #RANSOMWARE ตัวใหม่ออกอาละวาดอีกแล้วครับ #QNAP เตือนมา

#AgeLocker #Ransomware ตัวใหม่ออกอาละวาดอีกแล้วครับ #QNAP เตือนมา




QNAP Security Advisory | Bulletin ID: QSA-21-15


Taipei, Taiwan, April 29, 2021 – QNAP® had published security enhancement against security vulnerabilities that could affect specific versions of QNAP products. Please use the following information and solutions to correct the security issues and vulnerabilities.


AgeLocker Ransomware

Release date: April 29, 2021

Security ID: QSA-21-15

Severity rating: High

CVE identifier: N/A

Affected products: All QNAP NAS



The QNAP security team has detected suspicious ransomware in the wild known as AgeLocker, which has the potential to affect QNAP NAS devices.



To secure your device, we strongly recommend regularly updating QTS or QuTS hero and all installed applications to their latest versions to benefit from vulnerability fixes. You can check the product support status to see the latest updates available to your NAS model.


To further secure your device, do not expose your NAS to the internet. If you must connect your NAS to the internet, we highly recommend using a trusted VPN or a myQNAPcloud link.


Updating QTS or QuTS hero

Log on to QTS as administrator.

Go to Control Panel > System > Firmware Update.

Under Live Update, click Check for Update.

QTS or QuTS hero downloads and installs the latest available update.

Tip: You can also download the update from the QNAP website. Go to Support > Download Center and then perform a manual update for your specific device.

Updating All Installed Applications

Log on to QTS or QuTS hero as administrator.

Go to App Center.

Select My Apps.

Beside Install Updates, click All.

A confirmation message appears.

Click OK.

QTS or QuTS hero updates all your installed applications to their latest versions.

Revision History: V1.0 (April 29, 2021) – Published

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